Immigration Man - MõG ...
A cover of Crosby-Nash's 1972 hit.
From MõG's forthcoming song collection "Before It's Gone" covering their previous 4 CDs...
"Hollis Crossing Live" (1993)
"Herman Says Play" (1995)
"too fisted" (1996)
"Bizarre Medical Experiments" (1998)
"Before It's Gone" will also feature a new song or two and some tasty tidbits.
The collection is scheduled for a Spring 2008 release.

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MõG dates from 1993. MõG (rhymes with rogue) is a word, in some traditional languages and folklore, that is said to mean shape shifter or shaman.

MõG was formed from numerous bands of various styles from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. They recorded 4 CDs... "Hollis Crossing Live" (1993)... "Herman Says Play" (1995)... "too fisted" (1996)... and "Bizarre Medical Experiments" (1998). The last 3 CDs were recorded at the legendary Blue Jay Recording Studios outside Boston, MA.


Their final mixes were all mastered in NYC by Vlado Meller at Sony.

MõG opened for both Eddie Money and Foreigner at the Hampton Beach Casino in 1997 and 1998... played Locobazooka as one of the featured bands in 1998... showcased in NYC including the Spiral Lounge and in Boston including Mama Kin... and coordinated multiple fund raising concerts to benefit the homeless in NYC and Boston. MõG won "Best National Group" in 1996 at the LA Music Awards and showcased at NEMO/Boston in 1998. They were also known as the unofficial "house band" for various Hard Rock Cafes including; NYC, Montreal, Boston, Washington D.C., and Niagara Falls. MõG received Boston, New England, National and International airplay on radio and the Internet.

MõG is comprised of Kris Bruno (lead vocals, djembe/percussion, occasional drums, and a Systems Engineer), Bob Schlink (acoustic/electric guitars, vocals, the Viotar™, and a teaching Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston) and Bob's son, Rob (lead/rhythm guitars and a practicing Entertainment Attorney). The story of the very unique and patented Viotar™ - an invention of Bob Schlink - will be covered soon in the formal Bio section here on the website.

MõG remains active in the studio and their new CD, "Before It's Gone," is a selective collection of their previous recordings, along with some new tunes, one turning out to be the Crosby-Nash song, "Immigration Man." The complete collection will be released in MP3 format sometime in Spring 2008 and then, later on, as a regular CD.

"Immigration Man" is the first track to be released from "Before It's Gone." The other tracks on "BIG" will be released here on the site as well as MP3s and CDs of their earlier recordings.

And, yes, there is a music/social website called which is now unrelated to the band. was the band's original website, but an offer that couldn't be refused resulted in MõG selling it to the owner of back in 2005.

MõG lives...welcome back to the ongoing journey !

MõG Contact: Harvey Wharfield at